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Great coaches create winning teams because they have an intentional and reproducible system. Through this process, they not only create winning teams, they create players that become great people that go on to become successful leaders themselves.

Jesus, the greatest disciple-maker in history, was a masterful coach. His apostles knew how to make disciples themselves because of what He had done intentionally and relationally with them.

After Jesus performed the miraculous catch of fish (Luke 5:1-11), He shared the truth that He was the Messiah with Peter, John, and the others. Over the next few years, He spent time training His disciples and gave them the opportunity to connect with Him as He prepared them to go out and minister to the people and grow in the discipleship process, eventually learning to become disciple-makers themselves.

After his resurrection, Jesus ascended and left us with the great commission (Matthew 28: 19-20) Later in the upper room his disciples received the Holy Spirit and Peter stood up and began sharing the truth about Jesus. The new believers who responded to this Pentecost message were connected to each other and to the disciples. They all met together daily and were devoted to fellowship together as they learned more about Jesus. From there we hear about how the leaders discovered a problem with the Greek widows not having food, and they assigned men to minister to them. Out of this rose a disciple named Phillip, who went on to reproduce this same intentional process with others in Samaria.

This reproducible process of Relational Discipleship that Jesus modeled for us is timeless. It transcends geographical and cultural barriers. This process does not require a Bible degree or complete knowledge of every spiritual issue. You are able to disciple another, no matter where you are in the process, to the level of maturity you yourself have reached.

For a deeper look into the Share, Connect, Minister, Disciple process (SCMD) check out The Disciple's Journey Podcast.

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